Places to visit during monsoon season in India

7 Places to Visit During this Monsoon Season in India

What image does the word ‘monsoon’ conjure up in your mind?

Places to visit during monsoon season in India

In case it is one of mud-splattered clothes and being stuck indoors, let us put a spin on your thoughts.

Let’s help you think instead of beautiful floating clouds, the rich smell of wet earth and a dance in the rain.

If you’re one of those people who love the monsoon, you probably love it as a time for travel.

But even if you’re one who shies away from the wet season, our list of places to visit during the monsoon is going to give you something to think about.

From destinations that are at their best in the rains to those that get very little rainfall, we have it all.

So grab your cup of tea, sit by the window sill and let’s take you on a virtual tour of perfect monsoon destinations across India.

Here are the list of monsoon tourist places to visit in India:

It is no wonder that Kerala in India is known as God’s Own Country. Its astounding beauty makes one believe that God Himself has taken a paint brush in His hands and painted the land in magical colors.

munnar kerala places to visit during monsoon season

Munnar in Kerala is an ideal monsoon location to head to.

With numerous tea plantations rolling on from hill to hill, a luscious green colour enveloping you in its splendour and soft clouds of mist that you can drive in and out of, Munnar will take your breath away during the rain months.

The waterfalls on the scenic drive up to the hill station are brimming with water at this time of the year.

Make sure you see the Chinnakal waterfalls, Lakkom Waterfalls and Attukal waterfalls while you’re there. The lush green valleys at Munnar in the monsoon season call out to hikers and trekkers.

Even if you are not one to head out on foot, take a room nestled in the hills so that you may soak in the views from dawn to dusk.

Don’t forget to take a trip to the Kannan Devan Tea Museum to see how India’s favourite beverage, tea, is grown and processed. A cup of this hot brew will be the icing on the cake during your visit.

So plan a trip to this magnificent hill station and be prepared to enjoy the solitude, peace and quiet it has to offer.

Spiti Valley
If you are looking to escape the gusty showers that accompany monsoon in India, you would be happy to hear that Spiti lies in a rain shadow area. What that means is that it lies in a partially protected area, surrounded by a range of mountains that block off rain-bearing winds.

You cannot be guaranteed a dry visit, but you are likely to see significantly less rains than you would experience at most other destinations. Also, if you are planning your visit in September, the worst of the heavy rains in the lower hills would have passed. Since a trip at this time saves you from the peak tourist season of June-July and from the bitter colds of October-December, this is a particularly good time to travel to Spiti.

Why travel to Spiti? For the spectacular backdrop of its mountain-deserts, the dreamlike vistas of its unique terrain and the pristine beauty of the rivers that flow through this land.

Why travel international when you can get the same look and feel right within India? Known as the Scotland of India, Coorg in monsoons is absolutely picture perfect. To truly enjoy this place, stay away from commercial hotels in the city and instead, take residence at a home-stay in the countryside.

To know more about the local industry, experience coffee up and close at one of the many plantations. If adventure is your cup of tea, hike up to Tadiandamol Peak or go white-water rafting at Barapole River. If you’d rather escape the wet weather and stay inside a vehicle, a jeep can take you to Mandalpatti for some astounding views. You can watch the beautiful Abbey and Jog Falls at their best during monsoon.

No matter what your age or preference, Coorg or Kodagu as it is often known, has something for everyone!

Valley of Flowers

Who has not heard about the beautiful Valley of Flowers nestled in the hills of Uttarakhand in India? But did you know that monsoon is actually the best time to visit this destination? Believe it or not, the Valley of Flowers in monsoon is actually at full bloom. From about the 3rd week of July to mid September is the time when most of the flowers in this renowned vale are at their smiling best.

Now just imagine yourself standing between huge glaciers in a wide meadow, with hundreds and hundreds of flowers blossoming? Present in every colour of the rainbow, they will fill your hearts with joy and your minds with memories that will stay for a very, very long time.

Without a doubt, the Valley of Flowers is one of the best destinations to go to during the monsoon season in India. But keep in mind that this is not a holiday for the faint hearted. You must be up to a long uphill trek of about 10-15 kilometres to enjoy this paradise. Alternately, if the weather and your wallet permit, you may hire a helicopter to see both the Valley of Flowers and Hemkund Sahib.

Konkan Coast
Let’s go a little offbeat. Let’s take you to the Konkan coast.

Not a very well-known tourist destination, the shoreline between Mumbai and Goa, also known as the Konkan Coast, is astoundingly beautiful. Think tiny fishing villages, pristine beaches, historic temples, hidden creeks, ruined forts and miles and miles of verdant greenery along the coast.

For a relatively quiet serene holiday away from the crowds, a drive along the Konkan coast is a must. Alternately, take the Konkan Railway to soak in the scenic route. In the monsoon, the region is at its luxuriant best. While you enjoy authentic Konkani cuisine and drink gallons of fresh coconut water along the way, this holiday will bring you as close to nature as possible.

As crazy as it may seem to go to the ‘Abode of the Clouds’ bang in the middle of the monsoon season, there is no better time to experience the natural beauty of the North East. I mean who hasn’t heard of Cherapunjee and Meghalaya’s incessant rainfall? And yet, would you believe that these very places are exceptionally stunning in the season’s torrential rain?

Go well prepared with raincoats and umbrellas and expect downpours like you’ve never seen before, but that’s the entire point of the trip. If you love the monsoons, this is your opportunity to romance them up and close. Watch the world change from tender drizzles to bucketing downpours, enjoy the region’s vibrant wildlife and walk along the fascinating live root bridges that abound this part of the world.

Shillong in monsoon is going to mesmerize you. Are you ready?

We hope you enjoyed our exciting list of 7 places to visit during this monsoon season in India. Whether you opt for the destinations that promise relaxation or the ones packed with adventure, let this monsoon turn into a holiday of a lifetime. Go for it!

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